Online Pokie Types

Pokie types: classic, video and progressive pokiesClassic slot games of pokies

These are the oldest of them all online pokies available now, in fact, they are the actual land-based slot games which were introduced initially. These classic slot games are very simple and easy to play and most of them come with option of three reel. Usually they are in single play line but you can also witness them in three or five play line as well. As they are the oldest version of pokies, their new version which is internet based is almost equally popular in online pokies as they give the opportunity to win big jackpots with a very less amount to bet. Most liked classic games include bull’s eye and diamonds deal.

Slot games with added video feature

Technology has not only blessed us with stuff to make our life easier but also has provided us the opportunity to make our life full of entertainment. The slot game which has video features in it is more popular these days as they provide much thrill and fun. In these video slot games, play line ranges from 5 to 25. They are so much popular just because they have added some special effects and also provide some special themes. These themes are usually based upon popular characters such as superman and others.

Bonus games of online pokies

Among all the other online pokies available on the internet, this category of bonus games in online pokies has provided lot of pleasure and excitement. When a person is playing this slot game in any online pokies available on net, and he/she hits a combination of special images, then the player is provided another screen which contains the bonus game which is absolutely for free.

And the player can win some extra money if he/she gets the winning combination in that free game. Among many others, thunderstruck is the most popular one for this bonus game in online pokies which has made many people its fan.

Thus in this article you will find different types of online pokies for you to play. When you go with online pokies you can play classic game of slots, slot games with added video feature and last but not the least bonus games, which allows you to win extra, and all such things cannot be found in most of the Land based casinos.

Online Pokie Types
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